Farm Day Out !!

Greetings from Udhavi !!

Its been a while .. We definitely have had our hands full with new admissions..

A lot has happened , though we haven't updated..Sorry about  that !!

Few glimpses from our recent Farm day out at The Dreamscapes, Aravenu..
The idea was to take them for therapeutical horse riding, and it landed up in a lot more fun than just that. Feeding the fish, an absolutely new experience for many children,
brought gleaming smiles to all their faces !!

Thank You Nithin Lakshmanan for all your support and help in making this is a memorable day for them !!

" WOW, we love the colours !"

                Arun : " I dont want to let go
                                       of my friend "
SCHOOL is FUN...LEARNING...and our HOME away from Home !!!

A BIG HELLO from all of us at UDHAVI !!!


A day packed with surprises and fun for our very Special Children.. For a change the staff and the volunteers were at the disposal of the Children that day.. and indeed did they make everyone dance !!!

CHRISTMAS  ........


 A moment which leaves the kids mesmerised , year after year , is when Santa Claus walks into their world. Suddenly the place fills up with expressions of awe & fascinating smiles... & the tradition continues..!!!


On 21st December 2013, The JSS College of Pharmacy, Ooty was flooded with children with special needs
from all over Nilgiris, each child putting up their talents in their very own 'special' ways..!!
Not only does it leave the audience teary eyed, it also sends across a heightened wave of gratefulness in the air. Our children,all dressed in theme with the army, performed beautifully to "Kutti Pulli" from the famous tamil movie-'Thuppaki'. Months of practise, of learning, forgetting and re-learning, and finally the excitement of the 'big' day left them in another level of joy as the loud applause from the audience filled the auditorium.

Seasons Greetings to our very Special well-wishers !!!


As years go by, the charm of our festivals
are going down, but for our children, these
celebrations are always like its their first time.

The excitement, the fireworks have all their
hearts and faces smiling away..unperturbed
by the dilemmas of the world !

Here's a special Happy Diwali from all of us at Udhavi !

A little picture of our kids swinging away into their own little worlds....!!!




It's been a while since we updated !! With school reopening, we've all been busy settling in the new children and here's a little peep into their most enjoyable time of the day. Its FUN time and lets not miss the budding new architect very seriously working on her new design !!


 It was a day out for SUGAR (a friendly Basset Hound belonging to Mrs.Anita Mathias ) & an eventful morning for our children at Udhavi. Introducing companion animals to autistic children at the right time in life, not only helps them overcome their fears, but also helps them with human bonding.

Special Educator, Mrs. Lathika Rao said, "It was very interesting to see the varied reactions of the children, ranging from fear to total acceptance."

We are planning to make this a regular feature at Udhavi and we will keep you posted with the changes this exercise brings to the children at Udhavi.